Cigar Cutters

You want to make sure when cutting your cigar that you get a clean cut. Knowing the tools to properly cut your cigar is important to this experience. There are four types of cigar cutters that can be used to facilitate a clean cut to your cigar. These types are Guillotine cutters, Punch Cutters, V-cutters, and Cigar Scissors.



Guillotine cigar cutters come in two versions. They are double and single bladed. These types of cigar cutters are designed to cut across the cap of the cigar. The double-bladed guillotine is the better choice for a cleaner cigar cut. The single-blade guillotine has a higher chance of causing a torn wrapper. In a single-blade guillotine cutter, the cigar rests inside the chamber where only one blade cuts and pushes against the dull side.



Punch cigar cutters are a circular blade that you push into the head of a cigar. This is a very user-friendly type of cutter for a clean cut cigar. One of the drawbacks to this cutter is its use with torpedo type cigars, and cigars with smaller ring gauge. For these types of cigars, the guillotine cigar cutter is the better choice.



The V-cutter creates what cigar aficionados may refer to as a V-cut. The V-cutter creates a V-cut slash along the head of the cigar. With this cut, you get a wider surface area with minimal exposure to loose tobacco.



Cigar Scissors are scissors designed to cut cigars. They perform the same type of cut that a guillotine cigar cutter performs. The one concern with this cutter and frankly any type of cutter is that the blade of the cutter is sharp. When blades become dull there is a increased chance the cigar cutter will become a cigar “flattener”.

Like cigars, cutters can become a personal preference. Experiment with each type and find what type of cigar cutter best suits your cigar smoking style.

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