Belicoso Hats- The Cigar Series


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The Belicoso Cigar Series– This series was made with the cigar smoker clearly in mind. There has always been a strong connection between a well crafted straw hat and a quality hand made cigar. Why? Well, only those who have explored and experienced the cigar culture can tell you truthfully. Our Cigar Series will delight even the most demanding cigar or hat aficionado.

The Cigar Series are characterized by their lightness, durability, flexibility and comfort.  All of these characteristics result from the materials used to weave the hat: the Carludovica Palmata straw.  Artisans in Columbia carefully weave these straws into our Genuine Belicoso Cigar Hats. These hats are made from natural fibers of the palm, braided straw shawl after a process of gathering, fiber separation, cooking, washing and drying; thus allowing the artisan to weave fiber by fiber, a delicate masterpiece from years of experience and tradition.

A quality straw hat is measured by the tightness of this mesh, the higher the number of weave’s per square inch, the higher the quality of the hat. These hats are popular among both men and women. (Our hats are a Grade 9-10)