Island Jim #2 by Oscar

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Does the name Jim Robinson ring a bell? How about Island Jim? LEAF by Oscar? If not, maybe they should!

Jim, the man, has been the proprietor at Leaf & Bean cigar shop for years, but has been steadily working his way into the premium cigar biz’ over the last few years. First appearing as one of Eddie Ortega’s larger-than-life Wild Bunch cigar characters, Jim then partnered with Oscar Valladares for the ultra-boutique, fan-favorite, LEAF by Oscar cigars.

But Jim’s latest offering features a look more akin to his notoriously eccentric and colorful “Key West” vibe. Introducing the Island Jim # TWO – a cigar nearly as unconventional as its own creator. So, what’s with the name? Released initially in 2015 Jims cigar is shaped like a No. 2 pencil….get the point?

The cigar’s shaggy foot leads a dark and oily wrapper down to an intricately shaped torpedo head – which utilizes a strip of Connecticut shade wrapper (inferring wood) and finishes with a near-black Oscuro leaf at the point (your pencil’s lead). But it’s not all for show – Island Jim # TWO allows for different flavor experiences for the smoker. Cut the lead tip, and allow the creamy nuances of the Connecticut wrapper to impart a subtle, tea-like sweetness to the smoke. Then change it up and cut off the Connecticut tip for a more rich and hearty experience. Talk about form AND function!

Pack of 20. 6.5 x 52


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